Hi Shweta, My Business is already listed in Just dial, India Mart etc and getting general leads from there, then why should I be present online on Facebook, Youtube and Google?

A huge reason to build an online presence is because your  consumers are  searching your products and services on Google and you are nowhere to be found, then they will become customers of your competitors and you will miss potential Customers.  As per Google 97% customers are online and trust companies who are present on Facebook, YouTube and Google.

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Google Adwords ch 1 - What is Google Adword

Google Adwords ch 2 - Google Ad Types

Google Adwords ch 3 - How to open account in Google Adword to get started

Ch 4 - Tips to rank on first page of Google

Google Adwords ch 5 - Google Adwords Account Billing in detail

Google Adwords ch 6 - What is ppc, cpc, cpm pricings

Google Adwords ch 7 - Adwords control

Google Adword ch - 8 Adword User Interface

Google Adwords ch 9 - Keyword Planning to get result on your online marketing efforts and money

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